Grita Anindarini
Deputy Director for Program

Grita Anindarini (Ninda) obtained a Chevening scholarship and earned an LL.M degree from the University of Aberdeen, the UK. Previously, Ninda obtained a Bachelor of Laws degree from the University of Indonesia. Ninda has also participated in short courses at IHE Institute for Water Education, Delft, the Netherlands, to deepen her knowledge regarding water governance. At ICEL, Ninda actively engages in doing research and advocacy related to energy and mining governance, climate change issues, and environmental administration law. In this manner, Ninda actively compiles several environmental and legal research policies and has been involved in several regulation drafting processes, related to environmental and natural resources issues, at the national and local levels. Also, she is a lecturer for environmental law and energy law subjects and has been involved in many capacity-building programs particularly for law enforcers as well as the community. She is known for her contribution, as a guest speaker and contributor in many national and international forums and publications