Indonesian Villagers Sue President Over Climate Change – Eight Indonesian villagers have sued the country’s president and a number of other high-level government officials over the impacts of climate change and environmental destruction in their province, reports Mongabay-Indonesia. The villagers say they have suffered health problems, experienced financial losses and seen a general decline in their quality of life due to forest and peatland clearing, and they are pinning the blame on some of Indonesia’s highest elected and appointed officials.

The villagers involved in the lawsuit are from Riau, a province on the island of Sumatra that has seen widespread deforestation over the past 25 years and been plagued by massive forest fires since June. The eight residents of Riau’s Pelalawan and Rokan Hilir districts filed the suit with the Central Jakarta District Court on Monday, together with members of the Forest Rescue Network Riau (Jikalahari), Telapak Riau and the Indonesian Center for Environmental Law (ICEL).

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