Workshop on Preparation of Public Information Disclosure Book in the Environment and Natural Resources Sector

Jakarta – ICEL held a Workshop on Preparation of Public Information Disclosure Books in the Environmental and Natural Resources Sector. Several civil society organisations that focus on environmental and natural resource issues attended the Workshop, including GERAK Aceh, FITRA Riau, JARI West Kalimantan, Sikola Mombine Central Sulawesi, LBH Padang, KIPRA Papua, West Papua PERDU, Mnukwar West Papua, JANGKAR West Papua, PBHKP West Papua, JATAM East Kalimantan, PLH North Kalimantan, Lalingka North Kalimantan, BUMI East Kalimantan, JAL East Kalimantan and Forest Watch Indonesia (FWI). At Aston TB Simatupang Hotel, South Jakarta, Tuesday (23/09/2019).


This book will consist of an advocacy journey of information disclosure in the environment and natural resources sector with all its achievements and challenges. Variety of advocacy both in the form of assistance of the Information Commission and Public Agency, as well as community assistance and requests for information from organisations that have been present since 2010 will be summarised in the book.


Hopefully, this book will be able to increase the literacy of information disclosure that is still very minimal.


“Currently there is still very little literature related to the disclosure of public information circulating in the community. This book is expected to be an additional learning material for both the community and civil society organisations that are willing to advocate for public information disclosure in the form of government or community assistance,” explained Astrid Debora Meliala Deputy Director of ICEL who is also actively overseeing the issue of information disclosure.


Happy Right to Know Day 28th of September 2019!