ICEL Held Environmental Law Outlook 2021: Highlighting Environmental Sustainability Amid Economic Recovery

Jakarta | The Indonesian Center for Environmental Law (ICEL) held Outlook 2021 with the theme “Indonesia Environmental Law Outlook 2021: Projection of Environmental Sustainability amidst Economic Recovery Efforts”. This Outlook is an initiative to reflect on the legal issues affecting environmental governance during 2020 and also proposes a projection of an agenda for strengthening environmental law in 2021.

This Outlook, which is held online, underlines three main notes, namely:

  1. The issuance of policies which potentially weakening efforts to protect the environment and community rights in 2020, such as the Job Creation Law and the Mineral and Coal Mining Law.
  2. The development of environmental law enforcement still faces enormous obstacles in the execution of court decisions, especially related to the restoration and the right of environment.
  3. Some alternative policies and solutions are in line with sustainable development, but not getting priority it deserved, for example, the Anti-SLAPP policy.

Regarding the three main notes, ICEL recommends 4 (four) priority agendas that are deemed necessary by the government to ensure environmental institutions remain strong, namely:

  1. Monitoring and evaluating the implementation of environmental protection instruments of any policies that can potentially damage and pollute the environment, including revising policies that are inconsistent with environmental protection and community rights and enforcing fair law.
  2. Escort the implementation of good court decisions with an emphasis on environmental restoration.
  3. Ensure the fulfillment of the right to public access and the right to a good and healthy environment with a priority to formulate implementing regulations for Anti-SLAPP and to coordinate and provide guidance for other institutions in ensuring access rights, particularly access to environmental information.
  4. Escorting the implementation of policies and creating and implementing road maps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Please refer to the video “Environmental Law Outlook 2021.”

The Environmental Law Outlook 2021 can be downloaded here.


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