Environmental Crisis, Climate, and Energy Transition Is Forgotten!

INDUSTRY.co.id – Jakarta – Elected President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) delivered his winning speech on Sunday, July 14th, in which he described some of his ideas and policy plans for the next five years titled “Indonesian Vision.” Jokowi highlighted a lot on the urgency to adapt to global development, to change our mindset, and to open to investment as wide as possible. Unfortunately, his speech didn’t acknowledge environmental crisis, climate change, and energy transition which steal global attention nowadays.


Hindun Mulaikan, Bersihkan Indonesia Spokesperson from Indonesian Greenpeace expressed that Vision for a Flourishing, Justice, and Prosperous Indonesia is only possible with a sustainable environment. Jokowi cannot be unhistorical, since our constitution clearly mandates environmentally economic developments.


Therefore, Hindun added, it’s weird if Indonesian Vision described by Jokowi didn’t consider environmental protection. According to her, threats from climate crisis and fossil fuel dependence such as coal are apparent and will affect Indonesian sustainability in the future.

“Jokowi speech forgot one important factor which is supporting and carrying capacities of Indonesian environment which are always exceeded, one of the reasons is because our reliance on dirty energy. The impacts are real, floods in several provinces, air pollution due to pollution emitted from our energy choice. Unfortunately, environmental and energy aspects aren’t considered at all,” said Hindun.


Hindun continued, the speech only focused on one aspect, a materialistic approach, whereas economy is not only about materials but also sustainability. Elected President can only see investment as the only barometer of capitals.


“Everyone agrees on the importance of investment, but what kind of investment? So far, we have seen the externality impacts of investment, especially in upstream minings and coal-fired power plants. We cannot talk about pushing investment, but removing justice behind it,” she said.


Raynaldo Sembiring, Bersihkan Indonesia Spokesperson from Indonesian Center for Environmental Law (ICEL), stated global world is currently transitioning to clean renewable energy for future competitive advantages.


Investment trend in renewable energy is increasing, for example based on Clean Energy Investment Trends 2018 report launched by Bloomberg NEF, investment value for renewable energy sector in the world reached a total of 300 billion dollars US. Unfortunately, Indonesia is so far behind and there are still numerous jobs to be completed. Moreover, according to him, on July 8th, as mentioned by the Minister of Environment and Forestry Siti Nurbaya Bakar, Jokowi has asked all pertinent ministers to create a policy that decrease our reliance on fossil fuels (coal).


“The investment we need is a fair investment of renewable energy transition, not an investment that exhausts our national budget yet keeps supporting coal oligarchy. A partial transition is impossible. Jokowi’s statement to reduce coals must be supported with commitments and a detailed plan for energy transition,” said Raynaldo.


Source: Barus, Herry. Krisis Lingkungan, Iklim Dan Transisi Energi Yang Dilupakan! www.industry.co.id/read/53165/krisis-lingkungan-iklim-dan-transisi-energi-yang- dilupakan. Di akses 17 Juli 2019.