[Joint Press Release] First Trial, Clean Air Coalition (IBUKOTA) Demands Clean Air

The Clean Air Coalition (IBUKOTA), a combination of individuals and organisations that fought fiercely for clean air attended the first trial of citizen lawsuit over the poor air quality of Jakarta today (1/8) at the Central Jakarta District Court. Through this initial hearing and lawsuit, the IBUKOTA Coalition demanded that the Defendants carry out a series of policies to fulfill the right to clean air for the Plaintiffs and 10 (ten) million other Jakarta citizens.


Jakarta’s poor air quality is caused by pollutant parameters that have exceeded the National Air Quality Standards (BMUN) as stipulated by Government Regulation Number 41 of 1999 and the DKI Jakarta Provincial Air Quality Standards (BMUA DKI Jakarta) as stipulated in the Governor DKI Jakarta Regulation Number 551 of 2001 concerning Establishment of Ambient Air Quality Standards and Noise Levels in DKI Jakarta Province. As a brief example, PM 2.5 concentration figures from January to June 2019 are 37,82 μg/m3 or 2 times higher than national standards or 3 times higher than World Health Organization (WHO) standards.

Why is this so important? Because the high pollutant parameters that exceed the quality standard will cause health problems. At least 58.3% of Jakarta residents suffer from various diseases caused by air pollution, the trend of which continues to increase each year, which costs at least Rp. 51.2 trillion. This number is predicted to increase as Jakarta’s air quality deteriorates if there are no corrective measures from policy makers (read: the government).


Through this citizen lawsuit, the Plaintiffs hope that the President can revise PP 41/1999, the Minister of Environment and Forestry to supervise the Governors in terms of controlling air pollution; The Minister of Home Affairs to supervise, evaluate and foster the work of the Governors in terms of air pollution, the Minister of Health to calculate the decrease in health impacts due to air pollution in 3 provinces, the Governor of DKI Jakarta to supervise everyone’s compliance with the provisions of the legislation in the field of air pollution control and/or the provisions of environmental documents, and for Governors to carry out an air pollution inventory, set BMUD status, and develop and implement Strategy and Action Plan for Air Pollution Control.


The judicial institution through the Panel of Judges is expected to carry out its function to order government officials who are negligent in carrying out their obligations, which in this case is an obligation to control air pollution. Only through the implementation of these obligations, the right to a good and healthy environment, in this case clean air as referred to in Article 28 H paragraph (1) of the 1945 Constitution for the people of Jakarta can be protected and fulfilled.


Jakarta, 1st of August 2019


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