Joint Statement:

Reaffirming the Vision of Democracy and the Environment

Statement of Civil Society Organisations: Reaffirming the Vision of Democracy and the Environment


By the Grace of God Almighty


(1) That the environment and natural resources are the gift of God to all Indonesian people, both current and future generations.

(2) That protecting citizens and the environment is one form of the goal of the presence of the Government of the Republic of Indonesia, namely to protect all Indonesians and all Indonesian blood and to carry out the mandate of the constitution, especially Article 28 H and Article 33 paragraph (4) of the Constitution 1945 of the Republic of Indonesia.

(3) That the environment and natural resources are not only one of the national development capital, but also as a life support system, both for humans and other living creatures. Therefore, national development must be carried out wisely for the greatest prosperity of the people fairly and evenly, taking into account the safety and sustainability of ecosystems, for the benefit of current and future generations.

(4) That various environmental and natural resource damage has occurred massively, lasted a long time, and has increased the vulnerability of disasters to the extent of threatening the safety of citizens and the achievement of national development goals. The various threats are caused by weak environment-natural resources governance, economic growth which is supported by excessive investment in the environment, citizens’ access to imbalance natural resources-environment, the destruction of ecosystems that are not restored, until the enforcement of blunt law, especially for environmental crime in an organised manner.

(5) That so far the Indonesian people as part of the nations of the world have committed to actively participate in encouraging the realisation of various global initiatives in protecting the earth through sustainable development initiatives, controlling climate change, low carbon development and various other initiatives that are appropriate for always maintained and improved. Based on the above considerations, we Civil Society Organisations call on President Joko Widodo and Vice President Ma’ruf Amin to reaffirm the Vision of Democracy and the Environment in this second leadership period (2019-2024) by accelerating the urgent development agenda to be carried out, namely:


  1. Completing the agenda for recognising access to management and living space for the community to natural resources that have been imbalance.
  2. Ensure transparency, accountability, and consistency of regulations in natural resource management policies that favour the people and protect the environment.
  3. Strengthening natural resource planning and utilisation instruments that pay attention to carrying capacity of the environment through a decentralised approach, access redistribution, and ecoregion-based development that is sensitive to disaster risk.
  4. Carry out law enforcement indiscriminately in a firm and integrated manner to protect the people and the state from losses from acts of exploitation of irresponsible natural resources.
  5. Ensure remedial action for any pollution and damage by emphasising accountability to perpetrators of environmental crimes.
  6. Build public awareness of the importance of early environmental protection and disaster.


To implement the Six Agendas above, 2 strategies must be carried out, namely (1) institutional improvement, not only for bureaucratic reform to merely facilitate investment, but the protection of natural resources which is still tinged with various issues of conflict of interest, which are vulnerable to corrupt practices in natural resources sector. (2) creating strong, clean, and responsible leadership in the 2019-2024 cabinet and public service institutions related to natural resources.


Jakarta, 5th of August 2019


Civil Society Organisations


  1. ICEL,
  2. Walhi
  3. PYWP,
  4. FWI,
  5. HuMA,
  6. ICW,
  7. the Code Initiative,
  8. Nexus 3,
  9. Coaction Indonesia,
  10. KPA,
  11. KPBB,
  12. RMI,
  13. Jikalahari,
  14. WWF,
  15. CRPG,
  16. Madani,
  17. Earth Hour Community,
  18. Ecoton,
  19. Pili Green Network,
  20. GIDKP / AZWI,
  21. FKKM,
  22. Walhi Jakarta,
  23. Kehati, WWF,
  24. TI Indonesia,
  25. Pattiro,
  26. KNTI,
  27. Salam Institute.