The Performance of Local Governments in Land and Forest Governance in Indonesia (A Case Study of Nine Districts)

Author(s) :

Yustisia Rahman [et al]

Publisher(s) :

Indonesian Center for Environmental Law (ICEL)

Indonesia faces serious problems related to unsustainable land and forest governance, including rapid deforestation and forest degradation. One cause of these problems is poor governance at all levels of government. At the local level, the problems become even more complex due to regional autonomy laws. To address these challenges, the Land and Forest Governance Index (LFGI) was developed as a measure of the performance of district governments’ in governing land and forests. The LFGI is a numerical measurement of the extent to which district governments have applied good governance principles in governing land and forests in accordance with their respective authorities. The principles of good governance that are measured are transparency, participation, accountability and coordination. The results of this study can be used both by civil society to promote change, and by governments to evaluate policies and their implementation. […]