Foreword from the Executive Director

Welcome to our website! It is an honor because you have visited our site. ICEL has become the battle axis to win the development of law and good environmental governance in Indonesia. We work with a variety of stakeholders in international networks, non-governmental organizations at national, regional, activist, and academic levels who are committed to improving the quality of the environment for present and future generations. You can find detailed information on this website, or you can contact us.



The realization of a legal system and environmental management that is in accordance with the principles of a just, democratic and sustainable rule of law.


  1. Conducting studies / research and advocacy in the context of legal development and environmental governance.
  2. Empowering and strengthening the capacity of civil society organizations in the responsiveness and enforcement of environmental laws.
  3. Support the empowerment of victims groups and / or potential victims to be able to fight for environmental rights.