Why Indonesia Should Enact a Climate Change Law?

  • Syaharani
  • Difa Shafira
  • Grita Anindarini Widyaningsih
Tahun Terbit 2023
Penerbit Indonesian Center for Environmental Law (ICEL)

One of the IPCC’s recommendations in preventing an increase in temperature is the formation of legal instruments that specifically regulate climate change, one of which is in the form of legislation. The IPCC projects that the legal framework for climate change can reduce up to 5.9 Gt CO2e compared to emissions in 2016. So far, Indonesia has had various laws and regulations that discuss or allude to the issue of climate change. However, based on comparative research and a review of various legal instruments in Indonesia, ICEL assesses that law-level regulations are needed to respond to the complex issue of climate change. This review discusses the urgency of climate legislation in Indonesia and recommendations for content that need to be regulated in it.